Mint car checks in Sheffield

Mint car checks

We work hard to ensure that every car that reaches our showroom or forecourt lives up to the Mint Cars name. It can take between 3 and 5 days to prepare each car, with our highly trained teams focusing on every tiny detail. Even something as simple as washing a car receives significant attention with us taking 6 months to train each Burrows Mint Cars valeter and every valet taking 1-2 days.

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    Each car goes through the following process:

    • check car history
    • wash outside of car
    • cosmetic check in valet bay and identify any paint/body defects
    • mechanical check in workshop with prep card completed and visual health check to identify tyres/brakes and other requirements
    • full service given
    • wheels removed and cleaned
    • alloys taken outside of the workshop and cleaned
    • repair any soft mechanical defects
    • paint/bodyshop work completed
    • extensive valet consists of wash, leather, interior cleaning, wet vacuum, 4 stage buff resin polish
    • steam clean engine and doors
    • brush carpets
    • remove and clean seats
    • brush boot carpets with a wire brush
    • full buff of the car and treat with paint protection
    • clean under bonnet
    • one final clean, complete paperwork and stamp service book before delivery to showroom.