Car servicing in Sheffield

Car servicing

For many people, servicing your car is just another expense or unnecessary cost and a lot of drivers question whether it is important to get your car serviced or invest in a service plan. Servicing can help to ensure that your car remains reliable and runs efficiently, potentially creating savings over the longer term and providing great value for money.

Check out our current servicing offers below:

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Air Con De-Sanitation Offer

Book an air conditioning de-sanitation service with us to ensure that it is working at its very best at a cost of £19.95.

Over time fungi and bacteria can form in your vehicles air conditioning, spreading germs and odours throughout your car.

Getting air conditioning treatment regularly is both curative and preventative; helping to eliminate foul odours and providing long lasting anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection – we recommend getting this checked every year.

Brake Fluid Change Offer

The brake fluid in your vehicle is vital to your safety and the safety of others and deteriorates over a period of time, absorbing water which lowers its boiling point. If your brake fluid is not changed before the water content reaches just 3%, under heading braking the moisture in the fluid can begin to boil, creating air bubbles and causing reduced braking efficiency and in extreme circumstances even failure.

Manufacturers therefore recommend the replacement of brake fluid at regular intervals. This treatment consists of bleeding the entire system and a full fluid replacement to manufactures specification at a cost of £49.95. We recommend getting this checked every other year for vehicles 2 years old and over.

Engine Flush and Fuel Treatment Offer*

An engine flush and fuel treatment will cost £22.95 and we recommend having this done every year.

The fuel treatment which is added cleans the whole fuel system, lowering CO2 emissions, removing harmful contamination and the build-up of its deposits. This treatment also contains an Octane booster (octane boost for petrols & betane boost for the diesels) to improve performance and in most cases also noticeably improves fuel consumption.

*recommended at the time of service or an additional charge will be made for replacement oil


We have a number of highly trained technicians working in our impressive 7-bay servicing area, including trained Master Technicians. All servicing is carried out to manufacturer specifications which are bespoke to your make of car.

Car servicing starts from £120 for an intermediate service or for a more comprehensive check we offer a full service from £220. Each service is recommended to be undertaken at the manufacturer’s suggested servicing intervals for your car. In doing so, regular servicing will help your car run reliably and efficiently.

Alternatively, spread the cost of servicing by purchasing a service plan with Burrows Mint Cars. From as little as £9.50 per month you can spread the cost to ensure that you get tomorrows service at today’s prices. Why not give us a call, or drop us an email for a quote on your car.

While U Shop or While U Walk Servicing
Have your car serviced whilst shopping at Crystal Peaks or whilst walking the dog round Rother Valley Country Park. Lift to and from Crystal Peaks included – free of charge. All makes and models serviced from £99.