Car finance in Sheffield

Car finance

At Mint Cars, we understand that it can be difficult to start your used car search without understanding what car finance options are available to you. Very few people buy cars with a cash lump sum, so many people start their buying process with questions like: how much car finance can I get or afford, what are the interest rates on car finance, will I pass the checks for car finance and how is car finance approved?

As with the entire car sales process, we like to make this clear and hassle-free for our customers so you can use this website to get the answer to those questions before you find the car to spend your money on.

We have two  car finance options available across our wide range of vehicles: personal contract purchase (PCP) and hire purchase (HP). PCP is one of the most popular ways to finance a car, it enables lower monthly payments across an agreed period of time and then gives you the option at the end of that period to pay off a final balance in one lump sum or trade in the car against a new PCP car purchase. Our PCP rate provides an affordable way to upgrade your motor. Our HP interest rate is slightly higher but if you are certain that you will want to keep your Mint car beyond the end of the payment term, HP can prove to be cheaper car finance option over the lifetime of the loan according to an article by WhatCar.

As with all car dealerships, both of our finance options are subject to eligbility. However, you can use the my car credit score independent online credit score checker on this website to check your eligibility for car finance for free.  And the even better news is that this independent checker only completes a soft search, which means that it doesn’t affect your credit rating. Why not use the checker to work out how much you may be able to borrow, based on affordable monthly payments?

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